Review written on: November 12th, 2005

Smile Review

Smile is a movie that I hadn’t heard of at all until it’s September DVD release. If you are doing some renting or filling up your online queue then you may want to give this film a try.

The story revolves around two girls. One girl is a wealthy, snobby, L.A. suburb living teen, caught up in her own little world of boys, family arguments and school. The other girl is from China, longing to be normal but tormented by her facial deformaties. Both girls were born on the same day. Katie, the girl from L.A., is brought to China after a teacher talks her in to volunteering for a group called “Doctor’s Gift”. The girls meet and lives change and, well, it’s all quite predictable. The story however is based on a true situation involving the directors daughter.

There were some familiar and unfamiliar faces in this one. Linda Hamilton and Beau Bridges portray Katie’s fighting parents. Mika Boorem is the lead charactor, Katie. You may recognize Mika from “Sleepover”, if you were lucky enough to rent that one. Song Jia does a fine job as the Chinese girl Liu, although you never really see her face until the end of the movie.

Overall I enjoyed Smile, although it had its faults. I believe they spent too much time on Katie’s life and relationships instead of spending that time on the girls after they meet and the differences in cultures as they develop their friendship. It does help us think about selfishness and how good our lives are compared to others in the world. Kinda sappy I know, but hey, we need it once in awhile.


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