Snakes On A Plane
Review written on: August 19th, 2006

Snakes On A Plane Review

Snakes on a Plane….what can I write about this movie? It stars Samuel L. Jackson and hundreds of poisonous snakes. Everyone knows the story and the hype, so writing anything else about it seems kind of futile. But here goes…

Sammy L. is THE MAN. I would see any movie he is in ever. If they decide to make a Snakes on a Plane television series, I’d watch it every day if it starred the fabulous Sammy L. He plays FBI agent Flynn, assigned to protecting a witness to a murder who’s supposed to testify in LA the following morning. The bad guy is out to make sure the witness is eliminated. But rather than shoot him, or kidnap him, he decides to unleash hundreds of venomous snakes on the airplane transporting the witness to LA. And if everyone else on board dies…oh well.

Insane plot line? Yes. But it works. And not in a “so bad it’s good way” like everyone was expecting…the movie was actually good. Despite the unbelievable plot, it was entertaining and fun and scary. The shots of dead people swollen from snake bites were absolutely disgusting, and yet really awesome. The snakes were scary, as snakes with fangs tend to be. Watching the snakes attack people was terrifying to watch and yet completely captivating. We expected all that. What I didn’t expect was character development – well-rounded characters the audience grows to care about. You don’t have those in campy B-movies.

Sammy L. is, of course, fantastic. Juliana Margulies (formerly the lovely Nurse Hathaway on “ER”) was an excellent flight attendant and is looking absolutely gorgeous. Kenan Thompson (recently of “SNL” fame) was funny, as always. Poor Rachel Blanchard got stuck playing a very Cher-like character (she played the Clueless character in the television show), but she played her well. Nathan Phillips is Sean Jones, the witness, and he played off of Sammy L. well. I’d like to see them in a buddy-cop-type movie together. Overall, the cast was great.

Originally, all I wanted to write for my review was the word “AWESOME” in giant letters across the screen. Afraid that wasn’t professional enough, I had to write more. But my original opinion still stands. The movie was awesome. I walked out of the theater with a huge goofy smile on my face. I’d go back and watch it again tonight. And that’s the sign of a good movie.


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