Review written on: October 8th, 2005

Spanglish Review

What ever happened to when Adam Sandler was funny? Oh, right, that was ten years ago. After trying to force myself to watch Punch Drunk Love (which I made it through 10 minutes of), I decided that it was time to just give up on Adam Sandler’s comedy career. And obviously, after watching Spanglish, so did he. I remember when Jim Carrey tried to go serious and make a drama too. Sadly, it didn’t go over so well for Carrey, either. Advice for both of you, stick to what you’re good at, be goofy. Be funny. Make me laugh.

The last thing I want, is Adam Sandler trying to teach me about family values, and morals. This, from “Opera Man”, I don’t think so. I have a hard time taking anything he says or does seriously, after watching him on SNL for years, make a complete ass out of himself, in the name of comedy.

The storyline for this movie was somewhat touching, however. A woman who doesn’t speak English, works for a family that doesn’t speak Spanish, and they all try to make things work. Sure, seeing the preview would make it seem funny. There’s always something funny about language barriers. No. Not this time. Not this Adam Sandler bomb.

Adam Sandler’s character is annoying, his wife’s character (Tea Leoni) is a pain in the ass, rich snob who is the epitome of everything I never want to have to deal with in life. Paz Vega (Flor), while she may not be acting that she can’t speak English, is a horrible actress. Given, she may do well in her native tongue, but I didn’t buy her performance for one minute. Come to think of it, I didn’t buy the story of this movie at all either. Let’s face it, rich snobby morons don’t hire housekeepers that don’t speak English, if they don’t have a translator. That’s just common sense. If you can’t say “hey, don’t steal my car” in the native language of the person stealing your car, what good is hiring them to make your beds and clean your dishes?

Please, do yourself a favor, stay away from this movie. Don’t put yourself through the torture of watching it. Unless you hate yourself, a lot.


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