Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith
Review written on: June 29th, 2005

Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Review

This movie answered a lot of questions I had about the story. Now given, I don’t feel this was the best Star Wars movie to date, like a lot of people out there are saying. Do I think it was a good movie? Yes, I suppose it was okay. Would I say it was great? No, most likely not.

I feel that if this movie was made as a stand alone movie, rather than part of a saga, it wouldn’t have been as good. Not to mention the weak cast and weak script. A lot of the reviews I’ve been reading since I saw the movie (and now, writing the review) have bashed a lot of the cast that was in the movie. I feel the majority of the cast was weak, with the acception of Hayden Christensen. He put on a great performance as the ever-growing evil Darth Vader. My problem with this is that the whole concept of the story seems, for lack of a better word, pussified, now. Let’s flash back to the late ’70s, when Star Wars came out:

Whole buncha crap, blah blah blah, story goes, story continues, you see Darth Vader. The first time see Darth Vader on the screen, you’re like “holy shit, that’s the baddest man in the galaxy. Everyone’s afraid of him,” which is great. No villain will ever top Darth Vader circa the ’70s. Now, when you see Episode III, you kinda get the “he did it all for love” bullshit line. He felt like the chick was going to screw him over, and she was using him, so he went all ballistic and got evil. Given, he was tricked into it, but that’s not the point. This story still makes him pussified.

That, however, doesn’t deter from the great action scenes in this movie. Watching Obi Wan and Anakin battle it out on the Lava planet, was great. My complaint about the battle scenes (you knew it was coming) was that they didn’t show Anakin killing all the Jedi knights. According to people who’ve read the book (which isn’t me, since I’m not a Star Wars freak), they say that the book graphically depicts the battles between most of the Jedi Masters and Anakin, which makes him stand out more as a badass, because he whoops the shit outta everyone that’s supposed to be all mighty and supreme above him. The movie really cheated us out of that. I think it might have been to keep the movie at a PG-13 Rating, rather than push it to a R rating, due to violence.

Overall, would I recommend this movie? Yea, if you liked any of the other Star Wars movies. Should you see it in the theater? No, I think you can save the money, and get it on Netflix


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