Review written on: August 12th, 2007

Stardust Review

Based on the novella by Neil Gaiman, a wall separating England from a magical country called Stormhold provides the catalyst for all of the events taking place in this fantasy film.

The young Dunston Thorn (Ben Barnes) goes over the wall and crosses into Stormhold. There, he meets a beautiful young lady (Kate Magowan) who is enslaved. The two take a liking to each other. Afterwards, she admits that she’s actually a princess who cannot escape her bondage. Dunston ends up getting a special gift delivered to his home: the baby boy he fathered with the young lady.

Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) grows up into a handsome young man, who is smitten with Victoria (Sienna Miller), a pretty, yet snobby and pretentious girl. While he pines away, Victoria doesn’t think too much of him and is determined to marry someone in a higher social station. Tristan’s deep admiration for her causes him to make a promise to retrieve a fallen star from the sky, just to prove his love to her. He ends up finding the fallen star, now in human form. Yvaine (Claire Danes) doesn?t like Tristan much at first, based on his intentions to capture her and give her as a gift to his beloved Victoria.

At the same time, the King of Stormhold (Peter O’Toole) lays close to death, while a few of his surviving children are trying to kill each other in an effort to remain the only heir. His Majesty casts off a large ruby necklace, which he now devoids of its rich red hue, claiming when the last surviving male heir possesses the necklace, he will be the new king.

Add some more into it! Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her sisters are witches who are quite old and need the heart of the fallen star to rejuvenate their beauty. Robert DeNiro camps it up as a gruff flying pirate captain, who’s got a soft side and a little secret. Lots of plots, with lots of flow!

What’s great about it is that it has a little bit of everything: Magic, romance, action, comedy. The interweaving plots are pretty simple to follow, and that’s good for someone who likes a lot going on at once. The performances and effects were wonderful. The only drawback for me is the DeNiro didn’t put on a British accent. As a whole, it was a great movie for people of all ages who love a good story! Be sure to add this on your list of flicks to catch!


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