Review written on: October 21st, 2005

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A visually stunning movie. Beautifully filmed, cleverly edited and excellently cast. Simply put – I loved this movie. Unfortunately, I’m not positive I understood it all. The movie is mesmerizing, and draws you into the complex puzzle. You know there’s something more that you’re just not getting. And at the end, you get it…but I somehow still have the feeling like I missed something.

One thing I must say, is that with lesser actors I might not have enjoyed this film. Ryan Gosling is a true talent. He falls into his character and becomes Henry. Although I must say, it seems he picked up some tips from his Murder By Numbers costar Michael Pitt on how to be a dark character (anyone see Pitt’s guest role on “Law & Order: SVU”?). Gosling makes you feel for the character. Henry isn’t just dark; he’s full of deep emotions that you can see in Gosling’s face. Ewan McGregor is excellent, as always. While a little more calm than I would have liked him to be, he’s perfect in the role of Doctor Foster. Naomi Watts seems to radiate beauty in every scene, which perfectly mirrors her character’s view on life – “There’s too much beauty to quit.” Minor roles are also excellently performed by Janeane Garafolo and Bob Hoskins. B.D. Wong, however, seemed to be the same exact character as his “Law & Order: SVU” character, although that’s to be expected when he’s playing a psychiatrist. (And yes, I am obsessed with “SVU”.)

Back to my point that I left the theater feeling like I missed something…maybe I need to see the movie again. Maybe I need to wait for DVD and watch it with the director’s commentary. Or maybe, there wasn’t meant to be more. At any rate, I truly, truly enjoyed this movie. I recommend seeing it in the theaters so you can fully enjoy the cinematic beauty of it, and appreciate the actors’ performances on the big screen.


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