Review written on: November 21st, 2005

Stealth Review

If you have a big screen television and a home theater system, this movie rocks! Well, kind of. The special effects and awesome visuals that Stealth brings are top notch. Lots of things blowing up, bombs, guns everywhere, fast and furious flying, the sounds of war, all great aspects of a movie, right? Well, kind of.

This movie is about three Navy Pilots (Jamie Foxx, Josh Lucas and Jessica Biel) who are chosen to try out new stealth tech planes. Enter E.D.I., a drone plane that has such high technology that it starts evolving and thinking on its own. E.D.I. starts out as part of the team but ends up trying to take charge and even goes up against the other pilots. World peace is in jeopardy because ole E.D.I. wants to attack places he just shouldn’t.

Besides the great effects, this film was was one huge BOOM. Why a good actor like Jamie Foxx would hook up with this script is beyond me. What a waste. Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas looked good, but that didn’t help thier lines any. Even Sam Shepard as Captain George Cummings could save this one. He had this great line…. “I guarandamntee it!” I actually laughed out loud on that one.

High on action, low on substance makes “Stealth” a good rental only if you want to watch stuff blow up or if you have a 70″ tv and you want to impress the neighbors.


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