Review written on: August 24th, 2007

Superbad Review

I went into Superbad as I go into most highly hyped movies – I was skeptical of how a movie could possibly be so well-received by everyone. Luckily this one lives up to the hype. First of all, Jonah Hill is hilarious. I wish he did stand-up comedy. Michael Cera is subtley hilarious, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is the most awkwardly hilarious person I’ve ever seen. Did I use too many instances of the word “hilarious” in that sentence? No. You know why? Because the movie is hilarious. There isn’t a better word to describe it.

There’s a vague storyline about Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) graduating high school and going off their separate ways for college. There’s also an American Pie-esque quest to lose their virginities at a huge party that they were just barely invited to. Enter Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and his fake ID with the name McLovin. No first name. Just McLovin. Promises of a liquor-filled party abound, and the boys are off to prepare.

Of course, in a movie like this the story doesn’t really matter. What matters are the laughs. Of which there are plenty. Be warned, if you’re the type to blush at four-letter words, this isn’t the flick for you. Go check out the good clean fun in Mr. Bean’s Holiday instead. If you can appreciate the humor in vulgarity, this is definitely for you. (Still unsure? Did you laugh at The Aristocrats or did you vomit? If you laughed, this is for you.) That being said, this movie is awesome. It’s impossible to explain how funny this movie is without sitting you down and making you watch it. Since I don’t have the budget to fund everyone’s first Superbad experience, I’m going to have to try.

Picture the funny kid in school, but ten times funnier. Add several well-scripted rants and diatribes and you might be close to half as funny as Jonah Hill is in this role. Unfortunately it’s harder to describe the quiet hilarity that is Michael Cera. He often delivers lines under his breath, as if they were an unscripted afterthought. If you pay enough attention to the movie you can appreciate his brand of humor. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, or McLovin as he will forever be known, is the kid who doesn’t know he’s a total geek. He thinks he’s awesome, and with the name McLovin, and two new policemen friends, he is awesome. Seth Rogen and Bill Hader play two policemen who aren’t quite model officers. When McLovin asks if he can shoot a stop sign, one of them replies, “I don’t know…can you?”

The movie reminds me of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Dude, Where’s My Car (but ten times funnier), or the aforementioned American Pie. There isn’t much of a storyline, just crazy antics fueled by teenage hormones and/or alcohol. This one pulls out a surprise, in that you do get a nice wrap-up of the plot points in the end. Seth and Evan overcome their awkward tension caused by going to different schools, McLovin makes some friends, and the girls don’t think they’re complete losers after all.

Now here are a few things you won’t understand until after you see the movie. My favorite moments include:

  • Seth’s conversation with his home ec teacher
  • Seth’s explanation of where his back is located
  • Most of what is said by Seth Rogen or Bill Hader
  • Michael Cera’s karaoke moment
  • Just about anything Jonah Hill says while yelling

Final verdict: Go see this now. Twice.


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