The 40 Year Old Virgin
Review written on: August 29th, 2005

The 40 Year Old Virgin Review

From the moment it started, I knew I would laugh out loud at least once. After all, I’d seen the previews online and on tv, and I knew there were at least a few funny moments in the movie. However, all the reviews I read on those other sites made this movie seem like it was a suckfest. (Good thing Movie Snobs exists now)

I chuckled a few times throughout the opening, while Andy (Steve Carell) was getting ready to go to work, on his bicycle. Though I didn’t fully laugh out loud until the first time Paul Rudd is on the screen. There’s something about his character, that’s just creepy and perverted to the point where you love the character so much that you’re scared of yourself. He’s hysterical from the moment he’s on the screen, until the end of the movie.

The rest of the cast was great too. However, the blonde woman (Beth), from the previews is barely in the movie, which sort of felt misleading to me. Though, not to complain, since the woman who was actually the lead (Trish, played by Catherine Keener) was really good in the role. Romany Malco whom I’ve never seen in anything before was also a riot. Reminded me a lot of Samir, from Office Space. Don’t ask why. No really, don’t.

If you go into this movie expecting some dramatic romantic comedy type movie, you’re in for a surprise. It actually is a love story in disguise. Yea, it’s a funny movie. Yes, I laughed out loud numerous times. But it’s not the down home straight out comedy movie I expected. About half way through a storyline started developing into something other than dick and fart jokes (which we all know and love). You start to get a feel for Carell‘s depiction of Andy. At first, you just feel like he’s some big super loser (which is how the trailers make him seem), but as the movie progresses, you realize he’s not really a super loser, just an average guy who hasn’t had sex yet. You actually start to like him. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a movie that should make you laugh your ass off, turning into a romantic story, right?

Overall, would I recommend this movie? Yes. It has everything you’d want from a movie. Comedy, drama, gay jokes, racist jokes, nationalist jokes (is that even a real thing?), and a happy ending. Am I going to buy this when it comes out on DVD? No. Will I Netflix it? No. But at least I’ve seen it, and I know it wasn’t a waste of money.


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