The Aviator
Review written on: August 23rd, 2005

The Aviator Review

For a movie with such a talented cast, I never imagined this movie would be so drab. Leonardo DiCaprio puts on an amazing performance, as does Blanchett (playing Katherine Hepburn wasn’t an easy task, I’m sure.) However, the storyline in this movie just felt sluggish to me.

Maybe it was based on a true story. Maybe that true story was just one I had absolutely no interest in, therefore the movie bored me a bit. Though if it was based on a real story, the story of this man’s life (Howard Hughes) was actually pretty amazing. It reminded me a lot of Forrest Gump, where if it weren’t a movie, you’d have a hard time buying all the stuff that this one person did. Designing planes, and breaking air-speed records and whatnot. Impressive. I only wish the movie didn’t do such a long-drawn out boring explination of it.

Though, one of my favorite actresses (Kate Beckinsale) is in the movie briefly, as well as pop-diva Gwen Stefani, they didn’t bring much to the picture. Having a total combined screen time of 10 minutes, in a movie that’s almost 3 hours long could do that.

Overall, would I recommend this movie? Yes, to someone who’s either interested in Howard Hughes, or heavily interested in aviation itself. I used to love flying with my old man when I was a kid, but even my remote interest in flying couldn’t save me from disliking this movie. Academy Awards or not, I don’t want to see this movie a second time, rented, Netflix‘d, or other.


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