The Bank Job
Review written on: March 15th, 2008

The Bank Job Review

I wish that I could say that Jason Statham has completely redeemed himself since his last clunker of a film. Not quite! He may not have gotten there yet, but he’s well on his way. This time, the choice of film was a rather decent one.

In the beginning, we see a woman engaged in intercourse with two other men. As viewers, we are not privy to the woman’s identity, that of the photographer, and that of anyone that could be involved. It’s the early 1970s and as you?ll see, with one plot to steal a whole bunch of money, culminates in the unraveling of multiple layers, complete with scandal, corruption, and a connection to the British government.

The suavely monikered Terry Leather (Statham) is running a car dealership, and gets visited regularly by some low level hoods who are leaning on him to pay some unknown figure (presumably criminal) the cash he’s owed. To further emphasize their point, they damage the gorgeous cars in the lot. They don?t suffer from a lack of subtlety, that I can tell you.

As two of his employees are set to wed the next day and he?s on the way to the bachelor party, Terry runs into old friend Martine (Saffron Burrows), who throws a business proposition his way. She wants to gather him along with their old chums and break into the vault of a prominent London bank, ransacking the safe deposit boxes. Terry is a bit apprehensive, since he really does not want to get into that whole mess again. But, he wants to provide a better life for his wife and children, so he agrees. The whole crew gets together, and the scheme is concocted. Dig a tunnel under and across two shops and come back up through the floor of the bank?s vault. The kicker? It needs to be done before the time lock on the vault is released.

So, while the whole gang is under the impression that the robbery is simply for them to gain some cash and live the high life, it soon comes to fruition that everyone is in much deeper than they first thought. Where to begin? Well, Martine is recruited to round up everyone and execute the robbery because of her connection with a member of the MI5. Then, there?s a militant Trinidadian rebel who possesses some incriminating pictures that the government wants, so that’s his leverage. In addition, you have some shady underworld figures and corrupt police officers that need to keep everything under wraps to save their own skins. Thrown in are more members of the MI5 and MI6, and you wind up with plenty of people reaching into the cookie jar. Wait until you find out what everyone involved in the storyline has done! That’s the best part!

Overall, it was interesting, and the scary thing is, much of it was true! The world apparently had no knowledge of the transpiring of events because of the British government?s implementation of what?s known as a DA-notice (to us Americans, it’s a gag order). While the film had its moments, I was still waiting for Jason to pull out the special tricks that simply make his roles his own. Does he? Oh, yeah! Right around the last quarter of the film. It was decent and I did enjoy it. However, some of you are liable to like it more than I did. Need some action and a web of different plots? This is for you. Give it a shot!


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