The Contract
Review written on: October 7th, 2007

The Contract Review

John Cusack. Morgan Freeman. What more do you need to have a good movie? Well, how about a decent plot? Maybe a big budget? A better developed story?

All of those things would have certainly helped The Contract, a straight to DVD released flick. We all know how great I think Cusack is, and recently he’s really come into his own, with fantastic performances in 1408, and the upcoming Grace is Gone. The Contract just doesn’t hit home. It’s a very bland story, with subpar acting, on all fronts.

Cusack plays Ray Keene, a father with a troubled son (played by Jamie Anderson). Ray decides to take his son out on a hiking trip, after his son gets suspended from school for smoking pot. Though Ray’s not the outdoorsy type, his son is, so he decides to try to bond with the kid. Enter Frank Cardin (Freeman), who’s a hitman for hire type. He’s been captured by the police, and is being brought in for trial (or something to that effect). The car he’s in goes off the road, into a river, and the police die. Keene finds him on the side of the river, and decides to do the right thing, and turn him into the police. Cardin’s men try to follow them through the woods, and get Frank back. Only to be foiled by Keene.

In theory, it sounds like it could have been a fantastic movie. In theory. No one in the movie seems to have given it their all, Cusack and Freeman included. Both, extremely talented actors, could have phoned in their performances and done just as well.

Overall the movie is pretty boring. There’s not a lot of action, or great dialog. Though Cusack firing a machine gun at a helicopter was pretty entertaining to watch. Unless you’re a big fan of Cusack, as I am, you can skip this flick, it’s really not worth spending the time to watch.


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