The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
Review written on: June 18th, 2006

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift Review

I had actually dreaded seeing this film. Not only because it’s the third movie in a series that should have only contained one flick, but also because their new “leading man” looks just like Paul Walker, who played the lead in the first Fast And The Furious movie, way back when.

All I knew going in, was that this movie was about a specific style of racing, popular in Japan, known as drifting. This drift racing is more or less what we in America know as “fish tailing out of control on a patch of ice”, but more in a controlled, less scare-me-half-to-death way. The Japanese have apparently perfected drifting into an art form, and according to the movie, do it everywhere they drive. On the city streets, in parking garages, and on the docks, near fishermen. And no one thinks that all the tire screeching is out of the ordinary.

Newcomer Nathalie Kelley plays the leading lady, while Lucas Black (who’s of recent been in Jarhead, Friday Night Lights, and Cold Mountain) plays Sean, the leading man. The rest of the cast is a blur, as far as I’m concerned. Not that Black, and Kelley are all that dazzling, but the rest of the cast is just boring. Maybe it’s tough to act a part speaking English, when that’s not your primary language. Maybe it makes you come off as less convincing of an actor, I don’t know. What I do know, is that I wasn’t invested in these characters, whatsoever.

The story, on the other hand, had me enthralled. No, wait, it didn’t, sorry. The story is typical of a Fast And the Furious movie. It’s about racing, winning the girl, defending honor, and not dying. How many ways can they spin this? Top it all off with a guest cameo from Mr. I Can’t Act To Save My Life Anyway, Vin Diesel, and you’ve got the ultimate in cheesey movies. Just when I said to myself “This can’t get any more lame”, Vin shows up on screen. I thought “Why would you ever do this to movie goers?” Damn you movie man, damn you.

Unless you’re an absolute drifting fan, or a nut for the Fast and the Furious flicks, don’t bother with this movie. For an “action” movie, it’s boring. For just any type of movie, it’s lame. The story is uninteresting, the characters are unimaginative, the cars aren’t as impressive as the first film, and the story is entirely too weak to have made it to the big screen. I didn’t find myself rooting for the good guy. I didn’t find myself caring if he got the girl. I did find myself wondering why they made this movie, and praying to God that they don’t make a fourth.


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