The Fifth Element
Review written on: May 12th, 2008

The Fifth Element Review

After being told for years that I’d like The Fifth Element, I finally caved and watched it. And I loved it. I wanted to watch it again immediately.

The Fifth Element stars Bruce Willis as a New York City cab driver and Milla Jovovich as “the perfect woman.” How much better can a movie get? It also helps that it’s set in the supercool future when we all have flying cars. Oh, and Chris Tucker stars as a screaming-loud eccentric radio host.

The basic story is that Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) is a cab driver who happens to catch a young lady (played by Milla Jovovich) in his cab. She doesn’t speak English, but it’s clear that she’s in trouble. Korben gets her away from the cops and into the hands of the only person who knows how special she really is. Turns out, she’s the only thing that can save the world from the evil that’s trying to destroy it.

There are evil aliens trying to destroy the world, and there are good aliens trying to save it. Zorg (Gary Oldman) is a bad guy trying to help the evil aliens because he can profit from it.

One of the coolest parts of the movie is how Leeloo (what Milla Jovovich’s character calls herself) learns about the new world she’s woken up in. She just sits in front of a fast-playing video and learns everything she has missed. She’s so quirky and entertaining. It’s hard not to love Milla (although it’s clear I have a giant girl-crush on her).

I highly recommend this movie. After all the time I spent dodging people who wanted me to watch it, I understand now why they were so insistent. The movie is awesome. Bruce Willis is badass as usual. Milla is adorable and yet badass when she needs to be. And Gary Oldman is perfectly evil. Chris Tucker is a wonderful source of comedic relief. The story, while semi-ridiculous, is well-told and really entertaining.


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