The Grudge 2
Review written on: October 21st, 2006

The Grudge 2 Review

It’s so rare these days, that I can write a review of a movie that I feel is excellent, well made, and had a quality script. It’s so rare that I leave a theater going “Man, that was great!” or “Man, that scared the hell out of me!”

This is not one of those times, and this is not one of those movies.

The trailer, back months ago, when it came out, scared the hell out of me. I remember getting goosebumps watching it, and thinking two things: 1) Why did they make a sequel to The Grudge? It sucked. and 2) Wow, that looks creepy.

This movie makes no sense, at all. In the first Grudge flick, people die that go into the house. Fine, makes sense. The creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl kills them, okay fine, great. In this one, one person goes into the house, then the creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl kills pretty much everyone that’s ever met that person, then that person. Way too far fetched, even for a horror movie.

And let’s address the scary factor. Was it scary? No, not at all. Not even as scary as the first one, which in itself was pathetic. Scary movies don’t necessarily need to be scary, per se. They do, however, need to have “holy crap” moments. You know, when something jumps out of the closet, at just the opportune time, to scare you. That’s what movies need. I want to be caught off guard, I want to not know when to expect something. It’s tough to come up with characters these days that’ll scare people. Especially after Freddie, Jason, and Michael Meyers have been around for years. Those types of characters reek fear in the minds of people watching them. But a creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring killer girl, who we have no idea why she kills people, until the end of the second movie, when even then it’s still iffy as to why? Really. Let’s get serious.

Here’s what I gathered from the movie: The creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl (yes, I’m enjoying calling her that as much as you’re enjoying me referring to her that way), had a magic mom, who could take away the “evil spirits from people who were possessed”. Great! We then find out later, that the mother would then deposit those spirits into the creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl. Weird? Yes, but not enough to make you question it. Seriously, there’s some messed up parents in America, why not Japan?
We then learn that this creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl follows one of our stars (Amber Tamblyn) to the creepy old house where the mother lives. The creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl follows our star to the creepy old house, and kills the mother. My question is, why couldn’t the creepy-all-too-similar-to-Samara-from-the-Ring girl find her mother, on her own. Did she really need to follow Amber Tamblyn to the house? And how the hell did Amber Tamblyn know where the creepy old house with the mother was?

The bottom line is, this is by far the worst movie of the year, without a doubt. Not only is it poorly written, directed, acted, and filmed, but overall it was just a stupid stupid movie. And the fact that the did a “hollywood ending” and left it open for a third movie, sickens me even more. I’m going on the record right now, and saying that if they make a third Grudge movie, I’m boycotting it, at the highest level possible.


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