The Hitcher
Review written on: January 27th, 2007

The Hitcher Review

Admist all the negative reviews for this flick, I still wanted to see it. Why? Call me a skeptic. I figured I like Sean Bean, and Sophia Bush, so what harm could it do, to go see the movie?

Sadly, the entire movie is one big unexciting, unexplained piece of crap. There were so many times where I wished I could just be sleeping, rather than suffering through the boredom that this movie was. The action was practically non-existent, along with the storyline, acting, drama, suspense, and horror. The whole time I kept thinking “Who thought this movie would make money at the box office?” and “Why would Sean Bean kill his career like this?”

The story doesn’t make any sense, and coming from me, that’s a stretch. I’m generally a fan of movies with twisted killers, who kill for no reason. But Sean Bean killing people for fun? I don’t buy it. Maybe I was just expecting to find out why he wanted to die. Maybe I was hoping that we’d get that big 45 second scene where everything gets explained at the end. That scene never comes.

The plot is paper-thin throughout the entire movie. The bad guy kills people, the good guys get blamed for it. The cops are stupid. The state police come in, and they’re just as stupid as the local police. It doesn’t make law enforcement seem all that reliable at all.

They roll a stat at the beginning, that the Department of Transportation says 40,000+ people die on highways every year. What they don’t tell you is how many of those deaths are from crazy killers. Really, how many could it be? Out of the 40K deaths, most of them are probably accidents, crashes, starvation, being stranded. Really, how many people are just upped and killed, aside from in the movies? Not the 40K they try to make you believe, I can tell you that much.

I was entirely bored with this movie. I yawned quite a few times. There were no “jump out of your seat” moments, no “oh my gosh!” moments, either. I just felt like this whole fiasco could have been avoided if I stayed home. The sum up- don’t waste your money. Don’t see it in the theater, don’t rent it, don’t Netflix it. Just stay far away. Even if you love Sean Bean, or Sophia Bush, like I do, stay far away from The Hitcher.


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