The Island
Review written on: October 15th, 2005

The Island Review

Here’s my equation to make The Island: (Lost In Translation – sucking) + (The Matrix – Neo) x (I, Robot – Will Smith) = The Island. In a epic tale of no-way-this-could-ever-happen-in-real life, Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson portray two clones who were specifically made to be insurance policies for humans, who are sick, and/or dying. In theory, this sounds like a great plan for the future. In the movie, they claim it can increase your lifespan by sixty or seventy years. Though costly ($5M), if you have the money, it’d surely be worth the price.

The storyline, as I said, is highly unbelievable, even ten or fifteen years from now, when this movie is supposed to take place. Doctor Merrick (Sean Bean) is the man responsible for creating this science of breeding human clones, and you buy him as a villian. Based on his acting career, he must like playing villians. I suppose if you’re that good at it, it’s probably something you’d want to do often.

Once Lincoln Six Echo (McGregor) discovers that people aren’t really winning the lottery, and being taken to “the island”, he has to save his friend Jordan Two Echo (Johansson), from being killed. Jordan Two Echo’s sponsor is a famous actress who is dying from some rare disease that they fail to name in the movie. She’s given 48 hours to live. When the news gets to Merrick that they need to harvest the organs from Jordan, to save the sponsor, they immediately have her win the lottery, and instruct her that she’s going to the island, to re-populate the earth.

I know, you’re saying “that’s confusing”, and you’re right, it is. The whole movie is confusing, and hard to explain unless you’ve seen it.

It definitely has its high points. There’s some great action scenes, car chases, gun fights, etc. And I’m definitely glad I saw this movie. From what I’ve read about it (prior to seeing it), it just did mediocre in the theather. However, after seeing it, I don’t fully see why. Yea, it’s hard to grasp the concept of cloing people just to kill them for their parts. Yes, it’s tough to imagine that any human could do that to another, just for money. Yes, it’s hard to believe over all. But, it’s a movie. Did you really believe aliens could take over earth when you saw Independence Day? No, it’s a movie. Same scenario here.

Overall, would I recommend you pick up this movie on DVD when it comes out, or Netflix it? Absolutely. I’m overall very impressed with this. From the computer graphics, to the acting put forth by the entire cast, everything was just right. I’m still iffy about the storyline itself, but if I’m willing to overlook that because the rest of the movie made it worth it, it can’t be all bad.


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