The Lake House
Review written on: June 18th, 2006

The Lake House Review

I went into this movie wanting to love it. I’m a big fan of Sandra Bullock, and the concept looked interesting. A man and woman, living in different times, writing love letters to each other.

If that is good enough for you, then you’ll enjoy this movie. If you need a deeper explanation of how it’s happening or why it’s possible, forget it. At it’s heart, this movie is a great love story based around an impossible concept. It’s a new twist on the idea that timing is everything. They’re in love, but the time just isn’t right, or isn’t on their side, or is against them. You’ve heard it all before in love songs and seen it all before in movies, but never with the actual passing of time being the problem.

Sandra Bullock plays Kate, a doctor who moved out of the lake house and into Chicago to work at a hospital there. Keanu Reeves is Alex, an architect who moves into the lake house and finds a letter from the previous tenant. He writes back and the story begins. As they write back and forth, their comfort with one another grows, and once the matter of time is settled, they don’t really speak of it. She lives in 2006, he in 2004, and that’s all there is to it.

The story unfolds in a somewhat predictable way…in the way that once they start to hint at something it’s easy to figure out where that section of the tale will end up. I guessed at a major plot point extremely early in the movie. Nevertheless, I was still entertained and I still enjoyed the movie.

Don’t expect answers. Don’t expect some glorious revelation. Just sit back, soak in the love story, and accept it for what it is – a midsummer chick flick.


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