The Last Kiss
Review written on: December 30th, 2006

The Last Kiss Review

“Let me start off with a few disclosures:

1. I strongly disliked Garden State.

2. I am a Zach Braff fan.

3. I generally hate movies in which the plot revolves around one character cheating on another, or even contemplating cheating on another.

I was torn while watching this movie. I wanted to love it, because I enjoy Zach Braff, but I was also skeptical, since I disliked Garden State so much. In the end I liked this movie WAY better than I liked Garden State. Zach Braff plays Michael – a man who’s on the brink of turning 30, with a pregnant girlfriend, an awesome job, and great friends. So of course…he’s unhappy. He’s restless. He’s scared of the idea that his life might not hold any more surprises. Typical male thinking, right ladies? He’s so blissfully happy that he assumes something must be wrong. He meets a much younger woman and slowly inches his way towards cheating on the love of his life.

Jacinda Barrett plays Jenna – the pregnant girlfriend. She is fantastic. I liked her in Ladder 49, but she was amazing in this. Her performance in this film should earn her an award of some kind…not an Oscar because those are kind of pretentious…maybe an Awesome Woman Who Doesn’t Take Any Crap Award. (I should start those.) She plays the happy girlfriend very well, and slides so easily into the woman scorned that it’s almost scary. A little part of me wanted to stand up and applaud her in several scenes.

There are several side stories, of course. Jenna’s parents are having relationship problems, as are several of Michael’s friends. Basically, the story of life: relationships are tough. The main focus is on the reactions people have when the people they love hurt them. It’s really an interesting study on human interaction – the things people do to hurt the ones around them, and the ways they deal with the consequences.

Overall, I liked the movie. I’m not sure if I was supposed to hate Rachel Bilson’s “other woman” character, but I enjoyed hating her. She played such a perky little witch, I wanted to push her down a flight of stairs. I always enjoy Casey Affleck, even in small roles. It was refreshing to see Eric Christian Olsen on screen again, since I have no idea if his show “The Loop” was cancelled or not. I’d also like to see Blythe Danner play everyone’s mother – everyone on TV and movies. She’s wonderful. Gwynyth Paltrow (her real-life daughter) is a lucky woman. The one teensy problem I have with the movie is the ending. I can’t say anything to give it away, but I will say this…that’s not how I would have let things play out. But, Hollywood has its endings and I just have to accept that.

Final verdict: definitely check this one out. It’s entertaining and it’s got heart. It’s worth the time, and you just might learn something about human behavior.


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