The Legend of Zorro
Review written on: March 2nd, 2006

The Legend of Zorro Review

The Legend of Zorro, which recently arrived on the shelves in DVD format, is the long awaited sequel to the original movie, The Mask of Zorro from 1995. Well, I’m not really sure who it was that was waiting that long for it, but it has arrived. If you can remember “The Mask of Zorro” you might remember some fun, some romance, some adventure. This film tried to bring these characteristics back, but didn’t quite do it.

Brought back together from the first Zorro movie are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas who seem to have lost their spark and excitement for what they are doing. This time Zorro is pretty much retired due to some much needed family time. But something happens and his wife (Zeta-Jones) files for divorce and bad guys start popping up all over causing our hero to pull out his sword and swing around town fighting injustice.

I didn’t hate this movie but thought it was fair at best. As I mentioned, there is just no spark between the stars, who obviously have aged, as we all have (where were you in 1995?). Director Martin Campbell seemed to be trying too hard to create something that just wasn’t there. The fight scenes and some of the action scenes were almost laughably cartoonish. Adrian Alonso was the brightest spot in the film doing a great job of portraying Zorro’s son. The bad guys weren’t all that bad and the good guys weren’t all that good. And come on, Zorro’s horse is caught smoking a pipe? No chemistry and a bad script led to a fair at best, dull movie. I’m not saying to pass this one by totally when you are picking up a video to rent, but don’t be expecting too much in return.


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