The Longest Yard
Review written on: October 15th, 2005

The Longest Yard Review

Not the best Adam Sandler movie ever made (that would be Happy Gilmore) and not the best football movie ever made (that would be Little Giants), but a decent movie nonetheless.

Adam Sandler stars as Paul Crewe, a former NFL star turned criminal when he takes his girlfriend’s Bentley for a drunken joy ride. (Minor aside here: the girlfriend is played by Courtney Cox Arquette, whose boobs have never looked bigger.) Crewe gets tossed into prison where he befriends Caretaker, played by Chris Rock. The two are recruited to put together an inmate prison team to play against the guards. Camaraderie ensues, along with some laughs. The team consists of some of the largest humans I have ever seen. One guy is 7’2″ and 400 lbs. Rock and Sandler make a pretty good buddy comedic team. Burt Reynolds, on the other hand, is kind of equivalent to background noise. He’s there. Sometimes he says something moderately funny. But most of the time, he’s just there.

The other inmates are a crowd of misfits including Nelly, former football star Michael Irvin, and wrestler Bill Goldberg. The warden is played by the old guy from Babe and the head captain is the ubiquitous William Fitchner.

All in all, the movie was decent. The story was kind of tired, but the cast carried it along fairly well. Like I said, it wasn’t the best Adam Sandler movie ever made, but it was probably better than Spanglish.


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