The Perfect Man
Review written on: November 15th, 2005

The Perfect Man Review

Ok. Call me a sucker for sappy, emotional, light-hearted chick flicks. Once again I find myself in-touch with my “feminine side”. Actually, “The Perfect Man” has a lot going for it right off the bat. Big stars like Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear make this show likable straight off the DVD rental rack. But as you are viewing the show, you soon realize that all the elements of what you expected, are there.

Jean Hamilton, played by Heather Locklear, is a single mother struggling with a string of bad relationships, drifting from town to town with her two daughters and constantly running from her troubles. Hilary Duff stars as her daughter Holly, who decides she will try to bring happiness into her mothers life by setting her up with an imaginary secret admirer. One lie leads to another and all kinds of wacky things happen in their search for love and family happiness.

I really enjoyed the well written lines and sense of emotion this film had to offer. The acting was much better than I expected and their was more mother/daughter chemistry between Locklear and Duff than I thought there would be. Chris Noth, who played Holly’s friend’s uncle Ben, did a great job of being a “perfect man” and fielding questions from Duff concerning love and romance. You might recognize him from Sex in the City or Law and Order. One of the show stealers in this one was from an unlikely charactor who you have probably seen on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Carson Kressley is Ben’s helper at his restaurant/bar and gets lots of laughs with his desperate desire to look good and to meet other men. Mike O’Malley, the star of the tv show Yes, Dear is also very funny and entertaining.

Yes, it was a bit sugar coated and non-realistic. Thinking of Heather Locklear as poor and having trouble finding a guy is a far stretch in itself. But rent this, and enjoy it for what it is and have a good laugh.”


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