The Polar Express
Review written on: November 29th, 2005

The Polar Express Review

The Polar Express is definetly a work of art that is visually stimulating. It is a dreamy tale of a special Christmas with special charactors and incredible special effects. The animation alone is worth sitting through this one although the you may enjoy the storyline as well.

Computer animation as we never have seen before is the highlight of this film, which stars the voice and visual likeness of Tom Hanks. Hanks plays several of The Polar Express parts, including the train’s conductor. You may have read this classic story as a child and enjoyed its snowfilled scenes and fun-filled ride aboard the The Polar Express train. Billy really wants to believe in Santa Claus despite what he hears around him from others. On Christmas Eve, this huge noisy train magically appears in front of Billy’s house. Billy hops onboard (whatever happened to running away from strangers?) and the adventure begins to the North Pole filled with Elves, Reindeer and Santa himself. Remember it?

This movie version of the classic story is much more involved and is quite different in spots. Although the animation was incredible, I found some of the scenes perhaps too scary for younger viewers. There are lots of breathtaking rollercoaster-like movements and action that, well, takes your breath away. But on the flip-side I felt several times that the movie was dragging, and a tad boring. And talk about exciting, check out Steven Tyler of Aerosmith appearing as an elf at the end of the movie. Now there is a classic!

Overall, I would say that The Polar Express is well worth your time and Netflix width= dollar. You may want to check it out for yourself before purchasing it for your classic Christmas collection next to The Christmas Story, The Santa Clause and White Christmas.


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