The Ring Two
Review written on: September 3rd, 2005

The Ring Two Review

After watching The Ring Two, I’m trying to remember how much the first one scared me. Because it seemed that this one was creepy, but not as scary as the first. I think the first time you see Samara climb out of the screen in the first one, it scares the hell out of you. But seeing her climb out of the TV repeatedly in the sequel doesn’t really do all that much.

That being said, the movie wasn’t bad, exactly. It was more tedious than the first. With this one, you were wondering where it was all going. The story is that Rachel and Aidan have moved to a small town to escape their history. Shortly after, a teenager dies from watching “the tape”. Rachel recognizes the signs, and realizes that Samara has found them. But Samara doesn’t want them dead or injured. She wants to be Aidan. She wants Rachel to be her “mommy”.

True, there are some very creepy moments in this movie, particularly acted out by Aidan, played by David Dorfman. But there are also random things, like a deer attack (and I don’t mean one deer…I mean enough to pull Santa’s sleigh). Also, in quite possibly the weirdest cameo in a movie ever, Sissy Spacek plays Samara’s birth mother.

I’m not sure whether I should recommend this movie or not. It’s creepy at times, and Naomi Watts puts in a great performance, but it just doesn’t stand out as a must-see movie. I’d Netflix it if you’re bored or easily scared.


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