The Simpsons Movie
Review written on: July 29th, 2007

The Simpsons Movie Review

Whoo-hoo! After a record-breaking 19 years on television, those crazy residents of Springfield have finally come to film! Everyone is still the same, thank you! Lovable, yet slightly dimwitted Homer, Super-mom Marge; Maggie’s still sucking on her pacifier; Environmentalist and smart cookie Lisa, and the ever-mischievous Bart. Ah, such nice memories!

While in church, Grampa Simpson unleashes some horrible premonition that is supposed to drastically and dramatically affect the town. While everyone thinks he just had a ?senior moment?, Marge isn?t so sure.

Now, Lake Springfield is basically one big toxic waste dump, but thanks to Lisa, there is genuine interest in keeping it nice and clean. However, when one Springfielder doesn’t obey the rules, the EPA steps in to rectify the situation. The town is now encased in one giant glass-like dome, and they?re not happy. Once the identity of the offender is revealed, the family is forced to deal with that unbridled hatred. The prophecy has come true!

Now, my hope was that the script’s content would get away with more risque language and scenes, since the show has been on for so long. They definitely pushed the envelope in many ways, but they weren?t over the top. Of course, there are plenty of great gags throughout the entire film!

Simpsons fans will absolutely love this! Personally, I thought it was a great way to pay tribute to such a colossal cultural phenomenon.


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