The Transporter
Review written on: August 12th, 2007

The Transporter Review

I have been a big fan of Jason Stathams since seeing him in The Italian Job. There’s something about a badass British guy that just makes for a good movie. Doubt me? Go watch Casino Royale.

I somehow missed 2002’s The Transporter, even though now that I have watched it I think it’s one of the most exciting action movies I’ve seen in the past five years. Granted, it has its cheesy parts, but what action movie doesn’t? The bottom line is that Jason Statham is awesome.

The basic story is that Frank Martin (Statham) is a transporter – he’ll drive what you want, where you want it for a large sum of money. He has a handful of rules – don’t look in the package, don’t ask questions, and never change the deal. Things go wrong when he breaks one of his own rules and takes a peek in the package. He spends the rest of the movie running from, or beating the crap out of, the guys that hired him to deliver the package.

It makes me so happy to know that Statham did most of his own stunts. Throughout the movie he drives like a calculated madman, uses various household objects as weapons, and consistently knocks out every baddie they send after him. He has the best escape tactic ever in this movie – he drives the BMW off the bridge and lands on top of one of those car-carrying trucks, which just happens to have an empty space. The best scenes, however, happen in the last twenty minutes of the movie. In that time, Frank Martin chokes two bad guys to death with his own shirt, parachutes from a plane onto the top of a moving bus, drives the bus while fighting with a bad guy, fights five (maybe six) bad guys while sliding around in spilled oil, jumps out a window using a bad guy as a shield, and more that I can’t even begin to remember because he’s so unbelievably awesome.

I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys ridiculously unbelievable, but still totally awesome, action movies and a lead character with superhero-like strength. There’s a slight romance story, but nothing that gets in the way of the gunfire, explosions, and car chases.


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