The Uninvited
Review written on: August 1st, 2009

The Uninvited Review

I rented The Uninvited from Netflix for one reason, and one reason only: Elizabeth Banks. The woman is a comedic genius, so I was interested in seeing her play a (presumably) crazy/evil person. Judged solely on Banks’ performance, it was a great movie.

Unfortunately, movies are more than their stars, and this movie’s plot and other characters just didn’t live up to the immense talent of Banks. Not to mention David Strathairn, a former theater actor who has starred in movies like The Bourne Identity and A League of Their Own – why on earth would he do this little semi-horror flick?

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that the movie is about two teenage girls who think Dad’s new girlfriend killed their Mom in a horrible explosion. Little sis also happens to have horrendous nightmares which she thinks contain clues to the potential murder.

Sounds interesting, right? Wrong. It’s cliched. The acting isn’t awful, but it’s also not great. I guess the best word for it would be tolerable. The story isn’t really interesting and doesn’t have any real drive to it. The “twist” isn’t all that surprising, which defeats the whole purpose of having a twist ending.

The one thing I will credit the movie with, other than Banks’ acting, is the scare factor. Despite not having a great story or great acting, the scares, thrills, and spooks were perfectly executed. The jump-out-of-your-seat factor is definitely here. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep the movie from sucking. Take it from me – don’t waste the hour and a half of your life on this.


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