The World's Fastest Indian
Review written on: February 3rd, 2006

The World's Fastest Indian Review

From this title of this movie it might be difficult to tell what it is about, and you may have seen the previews for The World’s Fastest Indian and thought that it was a movie about a motorcycle nobody has ever heard of. The movie is in fact about a motorcycle, but perhaps in the same way that Titanic was a movie about a boat. And in the same fashion as Titanic, this movie is based on a true story as well.

Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) was a 68 year-old New Zealander with a dream of reaching the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Bonneville was the Mecca of speed in the 20th century, and it was Munro’s dream to reach Utah and go as fast as he could on his modified 1920 Indian. If Munro were from Arkansas, there would be no movie, as the bulk of the story stems from the fact that he has to make a trip halfway around the globe from New Zealand to Utah. While the journey over the sea from Down Under to California is brief, his trip from Los Angeles to Bonneville is ripe with characters. Culture shock in Hollywood, amorous visits with widowed farmers, and a U.S. soldier hitchhiking are just a few of Munro’s mini-adventures in the western United States.

Much of the appeal for the movie hinges on the main character of Munro. Fortunately for the filmmakers he is played by Anthony Hopkins, who does very well to keep you engaged in the story. Hopkins does not deserve all of the credit though, as the supporting cast does more than its part. My favorite role being that of Munro’s neighbor in New Zealand, a little red-haired protege named Thomas (Aaron Murphy), whose character lends itself well to bringing information out of an otherwise quiet old man. The boy is very appealing and their dialogue is some of the best in the film.

Good dialogue, good acting, and a good story. If you want more than that from a trip to the movies then you?re just being unreasonable.


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