The Wrestler
Review written on: January 16th, 2009

The Wrestler Review

I wanted to check out The Wrestler, because so many people had recommended it over the last few weeks. Citing Mickey Rourke’s big comeback, and whatnot. All that’s fine and dandy, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And here’s mine.

While I thought Mickey Rourke was good in this film, I thought Evan Rachel Wood (as his daughter) was even better. While she had limited screen time, she kicked serious ass.

Marissa Tomei’s never been known as being the best actress in the world. We all know that. She serves her purpose here, by being lovable, but forgettable. For those of you waiting to see her topless, now’s your opportunity. See this movie.

The movie feels more like a documentary than a feature film, which is what I’m sure Aronofsky intended. It’s got that gritty “I filmed this with a home video camera” feel to it, which is fine, and fitting.

Honestly, I don’t think this movie’s worth the hype. While it’s certainly a decent movie, it’s not the “movie of the year” by any means. And Mickey Rourke was good, but this isn’t his “comeback” film.

I liked the movie, but not enough to sit through it again. If I want to watch someone get old and out of shape, I’ll look in a mirror. I don’t need to drop another $10 to see it on a big screen.


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