Review written on: March 25th, 2007

TMNT Review

Gather around, Ninja Turtles fans! There?s a new flick for you to see! Unfortunately, it’s lacking the sparkle and the camp factor of the old TV show and the first two movies.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed on the whole storyline, here’s a quick recap, featuring narration by Laurence Fishburne: Approximately 3000 years ago, a perfect alignment of stars opened a portal into a new dimension. A powerful general and his soldiers became immortals, but the soldiers are then turned to stone. The Shredder is no more, but those scamps named after great artists are alive and well, although one short.

Leonardo (voice of James Arnold Taylor) has been sent by Master Splinter (voice of Mako) down to Central America for additional training and meditation. In Leonardo?s absence, smarty-pants Donatello (voice of Mitchell Whitfield) takes a Tech Support job; party boy Michelangelo (voice of Mikey Kelley) dresses up as a turtle for kids parties (not much of a stretch); Raphael (voice of Nolan North), ever the hothead, becomes a vigilante monikered as the Nightwatcher.

Coincidentally, former TV reporter April O?Neil (voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar) has gone down to Central America to track a legend in the area. A rich businessman named Winters (voice of Patrick Stewart) hires April to find several statues he claims are like “family” to him. We even see the return of Casey Jones (voiced by Chris Evans) and the Foot Clan!

Long story short, the majority of this movie deals with the story told in the beginning, the dissention and eventual reconciliation of the Turtles, and the saving of the world.

While this movie clocked in at around 1+ hours, my attention span was pretty short. Obviously, the film didn’t flow very well for my taste, nor was I terribly impressed. The majority of the characters kept the same personalities and quirks that we are used to (who doesn’t love Michelangelo’s dopey, but sweet comments?), but a couple of changes to a certain lady in this franchise didn’t seem to work. It did have a few funny parts, which most of us familiar with the genre will get.

Little kids will go for this movie, since the Turtles craze has skyrocketed again. The rest of us can hold comfort in the old movies! No matter how you say it, this is another film that could and should serve as a companion piece, but by no means should substitute for the original.


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