Transporter 2
Review written on: October 8th, 2005

Transporter 2 Review

Jason Statham (you may know him as Handsome Rob, from The Italian Job) is great in this role reprisal of Frank Martin, whom he played in the original Transporter. Though I’d never seen the original movie, I had no problem figuring out his character, and what he did for work.

Though a lot of the action sequences are obviously computer generated (flying cars, levitating men, etc), and highly impossible in the real world, you hardly notice it, since it’s painted beautifully into the movie. I felt almost as if it didn’t matter that they wanted me to believe that his car flew upside-down to a crane hook, to rip the bomb from the bottom of the car, before it blew up. Given, that’s 100% impossible, it could never happen. But so what, it’s the movies. Most movies nowadays expect you to believe some impossible stunt that couldn’t really happen. Why should this action movie be any different?

I got the feeling that I was watching Man On Fire again. Though this one had a twist, it wasn’t just a rich family’s kid getting kidnapped, there was more to it. Was the “more” anything special? No, not really, but it was nice to see the kidnappers stealing a kid for a reason other that just pure money. A nice little twist was involved.

The storyline was decent, I wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking or daringly original. But, it’s an action movie. All action movies are good guy versus bad guy. Same situation for this movie.

Overall, the action was good, the story was decent, the cast was on target. I’d say this movie’s definitely worth seeing if you like these types of movies. Explosions, car chases (some kick-ass ones, at that), fighting, guns, and a half-way decent story. This movie’s definitely a guy flick. You won’t see women gathering with their girlfriends in line on a Friday night, to see this one. Or could you?


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