Two For The Money
Review written on: February 22nd, 2006

Two For The Money Review

Al Pacino is alive and well, still creating dramatic characters and still showing us that he is one of the best actors of all time. Even though the storyline of Two for the Money wasn’t a whole lot to work with, Al shows us he’s still got it. He has a way of owning the script and making you believe. Two for the Money is not a great movie, but one that you should watch to reaquaint, or aquaint, yourself with Mr. Pacino.

The film is about Brandon Lang, played by Matthew McConaughey, who at one time was a college football quarterback with a promising career. An injury changed his life as he then discovered that he had a great skill at guessing winners for football games. Pacino (gambling businessman Walter Abrams) discovers Lang and hires him for his own business. As Lang becomes famous and successful, we see him transform into a new person, the kind of person you say you would never become if you became rich and famous. When things start heading south, all kinds of troubles happen upon these two and their relationship with each other and their clients.

Besides Pacino, McConaughey does a surprisingly good job of acting here. Rene Russo, who plays Walter’s wife, is very convincing and does some nice work on this film. The plot of the film at times was quite slow, but the personalities of these three actors kept me engaged. Just when you think Pacino‘s charactor has a heart or you feel sorry for him, he acts like a jerk again and brings you back to reality. I was a little uncomfortable with the F word being used in almost every sentence, but I guess that is how they wanted him to be portrayed. I appreciate the films way of opening my eyes to the problem that people have with gambling and how devistating it can be to the addicts and their families.

As I mentioned, this is not a great film. We have seen the story before.
Nothing special, not much action, kinda slow and long. But don’t be afraid to rent this one to appreciate some good acting and some high drama about a real topic.


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