Review written on: March 11th, 2006

Ultraviolet Review

Yet another comic book turned into a movie that starts with the typical opening scene, full of comic book images, featuring the cast’s names. Been there, done that. It was better with Mallrats, and that’s not even a comic book movie.

Ultraviolet is a piss poor example of any movie, let alone a comic book turned movie. Aside from Milla Jovovich kicking a whole lot of ass, and Nick Chinlund (who I know from Law and Order: SVU) being a great “bad guy” this movie lacked a whole lot of everything. The story, boring. The plot, non-existant. The action, too Matrix-like. No one should be able to do things Neo can do, except for Neo. While I’m understanding that comic book worlds are different than real worlds, as far as I know, movies should still be believable. And Violet driving a motorcycle up and down the side of buildings is a bit far fetched, even for me to believe.

While I wanted to like this movie, and absolutely respect the fact that Milla Jovovich must do 4000 sit ups a day for abs like that, I just couldn’t get over the fact that all this movie was, is simply one long action sequence. The action was kick-ass, but totally not believable. Do I really believe that some cyborg type woman can generate a gun from her hand, just because she needs it? And then, turn that gun into a sword? No, not at all. Was it entertaining to watch the battle scenes? Yes. But it was the typical good guy always wins scenario. One person against a battle of bad guys, good guy always wins. It’s typical. I’m tired of the typical scenes. Let the bad guys win for once, especially when they out number the good guy by 700 to 1. That’s just not realistic, not even for Bruce Lee.

Six, the young boy in the movie, is played by Cameron Bright, whom I know from my favorite movie thus far this year, Running Scared. I fear he’s going to get type cast into roles where his characters doesn’t say much. I think between Ultraviolet and Running Scared, he’s said about 20 lines on screen.

Overall, I’d say to definitely skip this one. Maybe 2 years from now, when it’s on USA at 2AM, and you’re either still drunk, or hungover, give it a shot. Definitely not worth the price of admission, popcorn and a soda. Though a short 88 minutes long, it’s still 88 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.


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