Underworld: Evolution
Review written on: January 21st, 2006

Underworld: Evolution Review

Let’s put this simply: This movie features vampires fighting lycans (werewolves) in bloody battles, the most disgustingly awesome CGI I’ve seen in a long time, and Kate Beckinsale in skintight black leather. If that’s not good enough to make you go see the movie, I’m not sure what is.

The backstory is a little tangled. The lycans hate the vampires and the feeling is mutual. That part is simple. The rest can be a little confusing. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the first movie, but this one gives a nice little recap of the important plot points in the form of “blood memories” (when a vampire sucks the blood of another vampire, they can see all their memories and know all their secrets). Plus, there’s enough new information introduced in this movie that you don’t have to worry too much about the previous film.

Kate Beckinsale is Selene, a superhot vampire with a penchant for guns and black leather. Scott Speedman is Michael Corven, the newly turned half-breed – half vampire, half lycan, yet still pretty handsome as a human – who isn’t quite in control of his powers yet. The two have to battle Markus, the second-oldest vampire, to stop him from freeing his twin brother William, the second-oldest lycan. Markus (Tony Curran) is an amazing feat of movie makeup and CGI. His wings are incredibly impressive, while his face is appropriately disgusting (he has a forked lip for God’s sake).

The battles are pretty awesome overall. The first battle between the lycans and the vampires in the 1200s is a little too much like a typical beasts vs humans battle for me. Instead of vampires fighting lycans, it was more like dudes on horses with crossbows fighting lycans. The fight between Markus and Michael on the moving truck is like a monster movie and a Die Hard sequel were mixed up in the editing room – but in a good way. Selene’s battles are always good, although she prefers shooting at the enemy until they give up as opposed to natural means of fighting.

Overall it was an entertaining movie. I’m not sure I understood all the minor plot points, and the who-betrayed-whom stories, but I’m sure when it comes out on DVD and I watch it over and over again, I’ll understand all that. For now I know I saw a really entertaining movie with awesome fight scenes, amazing sets and costumes, and the only woman in black leather that I don’t mind my boyfriend ogling.


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