Review written on: June 27th, 2011

Unknown Review

After seeing the trailing for Unknown, my first thought was “It’s just like Taken!”.  And in case you forgot, I loved Taken (review here).

Sadly, Liam Neeson doesn’t punch nearly enough people in Unknown.  There is some punching, but not enough to make me want to sit and watch this every time it’s on HBO like I do with Taken.

Unknown follows Liam Neeson’s character (Dr. Martin Harris) to Germany, where he’s headed to present at a big biotechnology summit.  He forgets his briefcase at the airport and in rushing back in a cab to retrieve it, gets into an accident.  When he awakes four days later in the hospital, he realizes parts of his memory have gone missing.  He goes to find his wife, played by January Jones (more on her later), and she doesn’t know him.  Moreover, her husband (Dr. Martin Harris) comes over and insists that Liam Neeson’s Dr. Harris be arrested.

So on top of not remembering everything that happened, someone else has taken over his life.  But why?

We spend the next hour or so trying to find out.  There’s some twists, some turns, some gun fights, some car chases, and some punching.  It’s interesting enough, and the “twist” (can Hollywood even make a movie without a twist these days?) is one you may not necessarily see coming.  I liked most of the movie.

Except for January Jones.  I’ll admit that I picked up “Mad Men” at Target when the blu-rays were $15 per season. It hasn’t been watched yet.  With that said, I’ve never seen January Jones act before.  And after watching this movie, of which she’s one of the main characters, I can still honestly say I haven’t seen her act.  Unless her idea of “acting” is as terrible as what she did when she was onscreen during Unknown. I can’t recall anyone in a big Hollywood product that was as terrible as she was. And, to boot, she barely spoke throughout the entire movie, and she was still terrible.

I liked the movie just fine.  It wasn’t my favorite movie I’ve seen recently, but it certainly wasn’t terrible (sans Jones).  The scenes where Neeson is kicking ass are pretty great, I just wish there were more of them.


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