Review written on: April 19th, 2007

Vacancy Review

I’m pretty much scared by any thriller taking place in a motel – Identity is one that comes to mind – and this was no exception. Here’s the set-up: Amy & David Fox are an unhappily married couple, driving down a dark road to nowhere when their car breaks down. They end up at a miserable little motel where the desk clerk is more-than-slightly creepy and they quickly discover they’re in for a long night. From the cameras hidden all over their room and the snuff films on VHS waiting to be watched on top of the TV, The Foxes realize they might be next.

Playing the beautiful half of the unhappy couple is Kate Beckinsale (aka. the most beautiful woman in the world). Her schmuck husband is the likable Luke Wilson (aka. the Wilson brother I don’t despise). They play an excellent almost-divorced couple, which is good because I don’t think I would have bought them as newlyweds or a happily married couple. She’s way out of his league…on second thought, she’s way out of everyone’s league.

Back to the plot – Kate & Luke find themselves trapped in their death-house of a room, trying to figure out how not to become the next victims. The bathroom window is nailed shut. There’s three guys outside the room trying to kill them. And they’re in the only part of the world where cell phones don’t get service – where psycho killers roam.

They have several near-escapes before the end of the film, as expected, but alas, I can not give away the full ending. I can say that there’s a Hollywood-esque ending that I wasn’t quite happy about, but I was too busy trying to stop my hands from shaking to care. I was scared by this movie. There are plenty of “gotcha” scenes where something jumps and scares you. There are plenty of suspenseful scenes where you’re hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for something scary to happen. There are also plenty of things I would have done differently, but the good outweighs the bad.

I think the real reason I was so scared at this movie, was the idea of that actually happening to a person. Imagine the terror of seeing a video of someone, actually multiple people, being killed in the room you’re standing in at the moment. If you don’t get chills, or at least a little creeped out, you should go to therapy…because there’s something seriously wrong with you.

All in all, worth the price of the movie ticket. It’s suspenseful, scary, and has Kate Beckinsale in it. Don’t get too excited by the “nudity” warning in the rating though, boys…Kate stays clothed. (And yes, I have a girl-crush on Kate Beckinsale.)


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