Review written on: October 9th, 2005

Waiting... Review

No matter what movie he’s in, no matter what character he’s playing. Ever since I saw Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds has always been that character, at least to me. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. He hits a homerun again, with Waiting.

Waiting starts off with a barrage of laughter. From the get-go, you’re being attacked with jokes. From the “game” of trying to make other staff members look at you, while you expose your private parts, to Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris berating each other’s sexual performance in front of the rest of the staff of Shenanigan’s.

Watching the movie, you can only think, “Man, Bennigans is gonna sue”. It’s evident that the writers of this movie based the set and concept on the restaurant Bennigans (From what I read about this online after seeing the movie, Bennigans is livid). And having worked in the food industry for quite a few years in the past, I can see why.

Knowing what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant, you know that what they say and do in this movie, is real. From the point where Dan (the manager) has them out back giving them their shift pep-talk, to when the woman complains that her steak is under-cooked, everything is legit. If you hadn’t worked in a restaurant before, you’d think “how can that possible be true?” when watching some of the scenes in this movie. But, as sad as it is, they are. The staff does sit around and talk about you, while you’re eating your meal. The staff does all meet at the end of the night, to compare who made the most money. The kitchen staff hates your guts when you come in anywhere within the last 15 minutes that the place is open. Even though this movie is hysterically funny, it hits home for a lot of food industry workers.

The storyline is almost non-existent, but who cares? I didn’t even notice, because I was laughing so hard at the jokes they were throwing at me. I’m sure somewhere under the penis jokes, sexual references, and the girl who was in love with Marcia in the Brady Bunch Movie yelling the word “fuck” over and over again, that there was definitely some underlying message. Was the message to not work some crappy job, just because you have it? Maybe. Was the message to not sleep with a 17 year old girl who’s the hostess of the restaurant you work at? Maybe that too. But one message of this movie was very clear. Comedy.

Dane Cook plays Floyd. A cook, who absolutely, 100% hates his job. And he shows it. He brings one liners to this script, almost as if the part was written for him. From his very first “Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch” opening line, to the new waiter, to the very last “What the fuck did I ever do to you?”, you just know that Dane Cook is there, to please his fans.

John Daley (who you know from “Kitchen Confidential”, and if you don’t watch the show, you need to start), plays almost the same character as he does on the show, in this movie. Quiet, reserved, the new kid learning the ropes. And he does a good job at it. Always being inturrupted when he tries to talk, it gets to him. The scene at the end, where he lashes out, is just hysterical.

I absolutely recommend seeing this movie. Go to the theater right now. This movie is the Office Space for the food industry. If you liked Office Space, Van Wilder, or Mallrats, then this is the type of humor you’ll enjoy. This movie definitely gets my snob-approval.


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