Walk The Line
Review written on: November 21st, 2005

Walk The Line Review

With the great success of Ray and The Aviator, it’s no secret that a biographical film of an interesting person is an idea that will sell. In similar style, Walk The Line tells the story of Johnny Cash.

In fact, the style is very similar to that of Ray, with the story starting with John as a boy and cataloging his journey to legend. The film does not attempt to show every side of Cash, but rather the highlights and lowlights of what made him who he was. The facts of the story are no secret worth paying ten dollars for, but the way the story is told most certainly is.

It’s a historical film and yet I found myself drawn in and desperately wanting to know what happened next. The leads in this film are played tremendously by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, and deserve a great deal of credit for making this such an enjoyable movie to watch.

They both sing in the movie, and sing very well at that, Witherspoon being particularly impressive. This is not to take anything away from the performance of Phoenix as Johnny Cash, which is definitely award-worthy. All of the supporting roles are played powerfully as well, and only add to the movie.

So the movie covers a man’s rise from the cotton fields of Arkansas to rock stardom, his fight with drug addiction, a true love story about a man finally winning the heart of the woman he loves, and has the best soundtrack since Ray. There really is very little to dislike. You will be entertained without doubt, and if you?re like me you will probably want more Johnny Cash in your music collection when you get home.


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