War of the Worlds
Review written on: October 8th, 2005

War of the Worlds Review

Tom Cruise + aliens + spaceships + Dakota FanningWill Smith = just another movie about aliens with a big named actor in it. Was I impressed at how much money they spent on making the special effects in this movie? Absolutely not, especially taking into consideration that they weren’t all that great. Spielberg definitely overpaid that CGI company, whoever it was.

I’m still not sure exactly what the hell happened. Or why Morgan Freeman only talks at the beginning and the end of the movie. If you’re gonna pay Morgan Freeman to be in your movie, you have the man earn his money. I’m sure he doesn’t work cheap. I got to the end of the movie, and went “What the hell?” Only the next day, at work, did I realize what happened with the whole bacteria epidemic. Given, that was different than just having the good guys win by blowing them all up, which was a nice change, but still, rather far fetched.

Since I never heard the original story, I’m not sure if that’s what happened back then, or not. But I didn’t buy the whole “they just self destructed” bit, just because they got sick, supposedly. I think I would have rather seen Tom Cruise jump into an F-18, and blow everything up. Explosions would have been cool, though maybe they were omitted due to lack of funding. After all, they spent so much money on the sub-par CGI that they did put into the movie, they may have not had any money left for anything better.

The cast was decent. I like Dakota Fanning, she’s a cute little kid, and she’s extremely talented for someone her age. Every time I see her, I think of that kid from Sixth Sense, whose name always escapes me when I’m trying to think of it. I think if this kid keeps making big movies the way she is, she’ll be retired at 15. She’s what, 10 years old now, and she’s already worked with De Niro, Cruise, and Denzel Washington. That’s a pretty elite group of coworkers right there. If she keeps it up, she’ll be the biggest thing to hit Hollywood since Tom Cruise’s ego.

Overall, don’t waste your money on this movie. I’m not impressed, at all. In fact, I’m sorta pissed I wasted an afternoon watching it, when I could have been doing more productive things with my time.


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