Wedding Crashers
Review written on: September 7th, 2005

Wedding Crashers Review

Generally I’m not a fan of either Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson. However, after seeing Vaughn’s performance in Mr & Mrs Smith, I figured I’d give this movie a shot. Plus, it’s got Rachel McAdams, who we know and love from Red Eye. What’s the worst that could happen? I could hate it, and demand my money back?

No need to do so, not this time. I can honestly say, I actually liked this movie. And I found myself walking away from it, going “wow, did I really like that?” I was amazed that I didn’t hate it, given the two main stars whom I didn’t care too much for. Though both stars not only have amazing chemistry together, but they put on great performances as well. Not just Vaughn and Wilson were great, but the rest of the cast, as well. McAdams was charming, sweet, and beautiful. Christopher Walken (who played a senator, also Rachel’s character’s father), played his normal, weird, creepy self. Isla Fisher, who I hadn’t seen in anything prior to this, was also great, in that “I’m absolutely insane, and you love me for it” sorta way. Which was perfect for her character. And lastly, Bradley Cooper (who we’ll soon know from the soon-to-be-hit TV show ‘Kitchen Confidential’), was perfect in the role of the cocky, self-absorbed dick of a boyfriend.

The story itself wasn’t the best, but after-all, no one’s trying to win any awards with this movie. It’s just a feel good, happy movie. And in that, it serves its purpose quite well. I remember thinking a little bit into the movie “I feel happier watching this movie.” Which, I’m assuming, is how a comedy should make you feel, no?

The writing was good. Rapid one-liners delivered with the precision that only comes from seasoned actors, witty banter executed like only Christopher Walken can do, and a somewhat mediocre storyline that could only be pulled off by actors who know that the audience wasn’t expecting much, and more or less knew how the story would end. It’s not too often, with a movie like this, you get to the end and go “I didn’t expect that.” With this movie, as well, you knew what was coming, when it came. And that was okay.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. Of the three movies I saw on Labor Day this year, this was by far my favorite. It’s worth spending the money with some friends to go see in the theaters. But if you can’t make it to the theater, I’d definitely say to check it out on Netflix, when it becomes available on DVD.


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