What Happens In Vegas
Review written on: August 29th, 2008

What Happens In Vegas Review

I didn’t really want to watch this movie, but someone I work with said it was pretty okay. So I gave it a shot.

Ashton Kutcher’s never been one to dazzle anyone in a movie, though thinking back, the one with Amanda Peet (A Lot Like Love) wasn’t so terrible. And to be honest, Cameron Diaz hasn’t made me want to watch a movie a second time, since The Mask.

Besides being the typical rom-com flick, What Happens In Vegas isn’t so terrible. If you can get past all the cheesiness, and sappy ending, of course.

As with any romantic comedy these days, the highlights of the film are the supporting cast, namely Rob Corddry, and Lake Bell. They’ve got some of the best lines in the film, that inspire laugh out loud moments. While Kutcher and Diaz play their roles as they’re supposed to, neither of them made me laugh a whole lot.

All in all, it’s a typical romantic comedy, a few one liners, an impossible story line, and a happy (and sappy) ending. What more could you want out of your romantic comedies?

If you’re pressed for a date night movie, What Happens In Vegas will suffice, despite not taking place in Vegas long enough. They were took quick to head back to New York, if you ask me.


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