Wolf Creek
Review written on: December 31st, 2005

Wolf Creek Review

In an Australian-made-American movie, this story does it all for me. Given, not as well as I’d hoped, but it was still a decent flick. As we know, from reading my High Tension review, I’m a fan of movies with crazed killers. Not in that Michael Myers, Jason Voorhies way, but in that every day, no super-power having way. This movie delivered on that, big time.

In a somewhat-true tale of three kids who’re taking a trip across Australia, who stop at “Wolf Creek” to see one of the largest craters caused by a meteor on earth. Upon returning to their car, they find it’s dead, only to realize they’re stranded miles and miles (or kilometers, if you want to be technical) from anything. Late in the night, while they’re trying to sleep in their car, a mysterious man shows up, and offers to help fix their car. He tows them back to his “camp”, where he begins fixing their car, while they fall asleep. The following morning, one of the girls, Liz, wakes up to find herself gagged and bound in some sort of shed. Upon breaking free, she finds her friends have suffered similar fates, and their objective is to get away from the crazed killer, who we later find out has done this many times before.

While the previews for this movie made it out to be all about wolves eating people and whatnot, there’s sadly no sign of a wolf until about 8 minutes from the end of the movie. And, again sadly, they don’t eat anyone. While there were not “oh my god” jump outta your seat moments, nor any grossness of gore in the movie, it was still good. Am I going to say it’s in the topfive this year? No. It was still worth a viewing though. I don’t think it’ll rank high on a horror movie, or suspense movie scale. But, knowing that some of the events in the movie actually did happen, is kinda eerie. Knowing that there’s people out there that do this sort of thing to people “just because” is worrysome. Luckily they couldn’t be farther away from me on this planet, as they’re obviously all from Australia.

Overall, I’d say to check this movie out. If you scare easily, you may have a few parts where you cringe. But anyone with a backbone shouldn’t find this anything to cry about.


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