Review written on: February 11th, 2006

Zathura Review

I’m always skeptical going into movies such as Zathura, where the commerical makes you go “Ok, that could be a kids movie”, but in reality, they try to throw in some “grown up” comedy, etc. Honestly, I don’t need that. I’m contempt watching a kids movie. What grown man doesn’t like watching a good kid flick every now and again? I mean, really.

Zathura, as I recall from seeing the trailor, seemed to fit into that category. Having some unknown children play the lead roles, and throwing in Dax (who you know from Punk’d), seemed like it couldn’t hurt. So, I gave it a shot. The movie was farely interesting, but also misleading for a child to watch. The whole movie, you get the impression that this whole “Zathura” game, is just a figment of the kids imaginations. Which, fine, I can understand that. But, in at the end, they’re like “Let’s never talk about this again.” Never talk about what? The game? What happened? Anything?

No answers here.

Yes, there’s the obvious comparison to Jumanji. Subtract Robin Williams, add Tim Robbins. Replace the known kids, with unknown kids, and you’ve got Zathura. No big deal. The people who made this movie originally wanted to make it a sequel. But, for some reason, they didn’t. (Although you’d never know). While the similarities are obviously there, I still enjoyed Zathura. The movie made me feel like part of these kids great imaginations. Dax Shepard gave comedic relief just when it was needed. Tim Robbins did his usual “Dad” role.

The movie was entertaining, and I’m sure kids would love to see it. There’s aliens, spaceships, meteoroids. Pretty much all the things that kids would like to play with. I’d say this one’s a keeper for any family with kids in their pre-teen years. Kids older than that might find it a bit boring, and “already done.”


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