Review written on: August 15th, 2006

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I wanted to like this movie…I really did. It’s about kid superheroes. I like Spencer Breslin. I like Courtney Cox. I did not like this movie.

First of all, it was too much like The Santa Clause. Tim Allen playing a heartless, sarcastic man who is supposed to be this wonderful, inspirational character, but can’t even believe in himself. Instead of being Santa Claus, this time he’s a former superhero who’s been living the normal life for thirty years. He’s cranky and mean and exactly the same character he was in The Santa Clause. Chevy Chase as the head doctor, is simply not funny. The kids don’t grab the focus as they should. The little one doesn’t come across as a sweet child with extreme strength, but rather a little witch who I’d hate to babysit for. Spencer Breslin gets stuck in a fat suit for the whole movie. The poor kid. He has serious potential as an young actor and they stick him in a fat suit with very few lines. The older girl is definitely not believable as 16. The older boy could have a successful movie career playing the heartthrob in the next chick flick, but they don’t give him much to work with in this movie.

Courtney Cox, to me, is the highlight of the film. At times, she does come across a bit too much like Monica, but what do you expect from an actress that played the same character for ten years? It’s only natural to revert back to what you know. Even more important, it works. Her neurotic, geeky doctor is entertaining and charming.

The music: Smashmouth is great, in small doses. They should not, however, be covering Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Five For Fighting’s “Superman” should never, I repeat NEVER, be used in a movie about superheroes. EVER. Especially not in a flashback sequence. The two exceptions to the awful music: “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World – one of my favorite inspirational, get-psyched songs – and “Punk Rock 101” by Bowling For Soup. But seriously…Enrique Iglesias for a romantic scene?

I liked the short scene of bonding between Summer and Courtney Cox’s character. In fact, I would have liked it to have been expanded upon – the whole girl bonding thing would’ve fit well with them being outcast superheroes. I hated the forced romantic-ness between the two older characters and between Tim Allen and Courtney Cox. For the two older kids, it just happened all of a sudden. For Allen and Cox, it was more expected, but still a useless plot point.

The movie overall was contrived and forced. The concept had potential, but they dropped the ball. the opening montage was nice, with all the comic books and Courtney Cox’s voiceover. The scene changes were kinda cool, with the little superhero symbol flashing in and taking over the screen. By time I cared about the characters, the movie was almost over.

The end scene battle was definitely the best part. In fact, a sequel with the kids battling bad guys would probably be way better than this movie was. And of course, they set it up for a sequel.


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