Rob Zombie’s Halloween on Fangoria

Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's HalloweenAfter reading on that the fan reception of Rob Zombie’s Halloween was overwhelmingly positive, I thought that perhaps I had been too hard on the remake, giving it only two and half stars and saying, “Your best bet is to pick up the original and forget this remake ever happened.” Then I saw the review on Fangoria. Writer Michael Gingold summed it up better than anyone thus far by saying,

Giving Michael such a specifically human backstory renders all the discussion of “the bogeyman” superfluous, since he’s not a malefic specter of darkness, just a very strong guy with a very damaged mind and a very big knife.

I absolutely, 100% agree with every word of that. Go read his entire review – it is well-written and incredibly well-articulated.

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