Robin Hood’s Merry Men

The once named Nottingham, now simply named Robin Hood has now gotten its cast of merry men.

Cast late last night, were “ER” star Scott Grimes as Will Scarlett, “Lost” star Kevin Durand will play Little John, and Great Big Sea’s singer Alan Doyle will play Alan-a-Dale.

Rumors initially reported that Russell Crowe was going to pull double duty as Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.  That’s yet to be confirmed or denied by the studios, though some other sites are reporting that the Sheriff has yet to be cast.

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  1. Christine on said:

    I was just thinking last week that I’d like to see Scott Grimes try out movies now that ER is ending.

    I didn’t really picture him as Will Scarlett, but then again after Robin Hood Men In Tights, why would anyone want to make another Robin Hood movie?


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