Ryan Reynolds in The Nines

Ryan Reynolds from The NinesMarina over at Mad About Movies posted the trailer for The Nines, a seemingly confusing movie starring Ryan Reynolds. We love Ryan Reynolds here at MovieSnobs (he had his own category in our First Annual Snobbies awards), so we’re always excited for Ryan news, strange movie or not.

I agree with Marina the the trailer doesn’t really fit with the IMDb synopsis, but it looks really interesting nonetheless. I’m always fascinated by psychological thrillers, and this looks like a clever mix of The Number 23 and The Truman Show (minus Jim Carrey, of course), with maybe a little of 1408 craziness thrown in. We know Reynolds is awesome at performing a descent into madness (see The Amityville Horror for a perfect example), so this should be a great performance piece, to say the least.

Check out the trailer on Mad About Movies »

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