Saw News Roundup

Jigsaw on the Autopsy TableI’ve found myself writing a lot of news about Saw IV lately, to feed my obsession. I thought I’d spare you the multiple posts and round up the recent news into one small package.

First, there is a Saw marathon in theaters the night before Saw IV is released. Saw, Saw II, and Saw III will be shown starting at 6pm in select theaters, ending with Saw IV airing at midnight. Check Fandango (For those of you in the Boston area, it’s at Loews Boston Common.) for times.

Second, news has come in that Saw V and Saw VI will be shot back-to-back to reduce costs. As we mentioned before, Twisted Pictures doesn’t want to make the films without Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, even though his character is undeniably dead.

Third, Bloody Disgusting has two new stills from Saw IV, one of which is the gross-yet-fascinating one of Jigsaw on the autopsy table at left.

Finally, it’s less than one week until the release of the fourth installment in the Saw series and I couldn’t be more excited.

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