September Movie Preview

September has a slew of awesome movies coming out, starting with this Friday’s new releases. Check out what’s in theaters in September and what we recommend going to see.

September 7th
3:10 to Yuma – A remake of the 1957 western; stars Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. Definitely check this one out, even if you’re not a fan of westerns – Christian Bale is sure to put in an excellent performance.

Shoot ‘Em Up – Clive Owen stars as a man who delivers a woman’s baby during a shootout, and then has to protect the baby from the baddies. I’ll definitely be checking this one out because I like gunfights, especially when the good guys consistently outsmart the bad guys.

The Brothers Solomon – This “SNL”-fest will be one to skip, if only for the creepy factor. As much as I like Jenna Fischer (of “The Office”) and Kristin Wiig, I can’t put myself through this ridiculous comedy.

September 14th
The Brave One – Jodie Foster plays a victim-turned-vigilante who is out for revenge for the attack that killed her husband. As Jodie Foster is a total badass, this movie should be awesome.

December BoysDaniel Radcliffe stars in his first major motion picture not portraying Harry Potter. He plays an orphan (nothing new there) competing with three other orphans for the attention (and adoption, possibly) of the same family. Worth checking out if only to see Radcliffe’s non-Potter acting abilities.

Silk – I’m fuzzy on the plot – there’s something about a silkworm merchant and Japan – but all that matters is that this stars Keira Knightley and Michael Pitt. They are two of my favorite young actors and I’m sure that anything with both of them in it will be fantastic.

Dragon Wars or D-War – If you thought movies couldn’t get more ridiculous than giant alien robots, think again. Dragon Wars stars Jason Behr of “Roswell” fame and is about – you guessed it – giant dragons invading and attacking Earth. The movie looks semi-lame, but the CGI looks well done, and perhaps worth the movie ticket.

September 21st
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck star in the western about the legendary “fastest gun in the west.” I’m not a fan of westerns, but I am a fan of Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. They’re sure to put in excellent performances.

The Jane Austen Book Club – Amy’s back! Amy’s back! I’ve been so very excited to see this movie ever since I learned Amy Brenneman would be in it. I even went out and bought the book. Which then made me buy the Jane Austen novels I hadn’t read yet. So I have a lot of summer reading and it’s been years since I’ve done a book report. All for the sake of a little movie starring Judge Amy Gray. (There are other great people in this movie like Maria Bello and Emily Blunt, but I’m a huge “Judging Amy” fan so I concentrate on Amy.)

Resident Evil: Extinction – I’ve never played the video games or seen the previous movies, but the trailer for this looked super badass. Mila Jovovich looks like she might be able to kick Angelina Jolie’s ass – and she’s Tomb Raider!

Good Luck Chuck – While I’m bored with Dane Cook movies, the trailers for this look like Jessica Alba might actually be able to pull off physical comedy. She plays a total klutz and might actually win me over as a fan with this role.

September 28th
Run, Fatboy, Run – Despite the fact that they stole the title from a line in Mallrats (“Fly, Fatass, Fly!”), it’s Simon Pegg and therefore awesome. A chunky guy leaves his pregnant bride-to-be only to discover years later that she was his one true love. Awww…

The Kingdom – Easily the most intriguing trailer I’ve seen all year, this one will definitely have me in a movie seat on September 28th. With cast members as varied as Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner, this is sure to be interesting, at least.

The Game Plan – Sorry Kyra Sedgwick, but I have a strong policy of not seeing any movie with The Rock in it. Not even on DVD.

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  1. Marina on said:

    Of the entire list, and there’s some great stuff there, “Jesse James” and “Silk” are right at the top!


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