Smokin’ Aces Contest-Winning Fan Art

Joe Carnahan, writer and director of Smokin’ Aces, has announced a prequel to the movie, which apparently did really well on DVD even though it only had a modest take at the box office. In addition to the prequel announcement, Joe is running a contest on his website for users to name the prequel. The winner gets swag and movie knick-knacks. While most of the suggestions are pretty awful, there was one that I’ve liked so far (six pages into the comments) – Buckets of Bullets. Because honestly, that’s why we’ll see this movie.

Joe previously ran a contest to design a poster for the original Smokin Aces. The winning poster is below, courtesy of winner Dane Forst. You can check out Dane’s blog for details of the design and contest at Forst Perspective.

Smokin' Aces Fan Poster


  1. Christine on said:

    Hey Dane – Thanks for allowing us to feature your design. It really is fantastic.

  2. Dane on said:

    Thanks for the story!!


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